The island of Murter Island is an ideal place for fishing from the shore, towing a boat, big game fishing for tuna and swordfish, as well as for spearfishing. Daily fishing trips with experienced captains can be booked.


Although relatively small, the island of Murter abounds in a variety of beaches located in numerous picturesque bays along the entire coastline of the island.

The most famous beaches of Murter are located in the southern part of the island, facing the Kornati archipelago and protected from the bora. Some are shallow and sandy, some gravelly, and some rocky with stone sun slabs.


The sea in the waters of the Island of Murter is full of numerous interesting crevices, caves, pits and canals, but also specific plant and animal species that live only in the Adriatic. You can dive anywhere in the waters of Murter if you are accompanied by an expert guide who takes care of your safety and presents diving locations. Professionally organized diving centers on the island of Murter can provide you with safe and fun diving.


If you like long walks through the picturesque landscape, the island of Murter is the right destination for you. From any point on the coast, it is possible to go around the whole island on goat trails and return to the same place! Try it! You will realize that our island is not as small as it seems! If you like lookouts, you are in the right place again! Most of the hills on our island can be reached by passable paths and macadam roads and from there take photos in the style of great professionals.


The island of Murter has good access to attractive bike trails on the mainland and on nearby islands.


Murter and Kornati are a paradise for sea kayakers. With numerous islands, beaches, cliffs and caves, you will never get bored of kayaking in this area. Well positioned, close to the Kornati National Park, Murter is a great starting point for your adventures. Ideal conditions for kayaking begin in April and last until the end of October. The Adriatic is relatively calm and warm during spring, summer and autumn, making it the perfect place whether you are a beginner or an experienced kayaker.